How To Become The Best Minister Possible And Lead A Congregation

So, you've been called to the ministry. "Calling" is the operative word, because pastoring a church is one of the biggest sacrifices that a person can make as a career choice. It's the kind of sacrifice that you make when you believe in something bigger than yourself and feel compelled to give your gift to the world. Take your time and go through the proper steps for getting into the ministry if you want to give your gift successfully. Read More 

What Does A Pet Psychic Do?

Pets are treasured companions. They bring so much joy and friendship into the lives of the people who love them. Pets can communicate in their own way, but their communication abilities are limited. If you long to understand your pet on a deeper level, a pet psychic can help. Pet psychic readings can allow you to discover new things about your animal companion. Here are four services pet psychics regularly provide: Read More 

Thou Shalt Not Covet: A Grateful Attitude Can Bring You Closer to God

If you are hoping to strengthen your relationship with God, you might begin by looking at the Ten Commandments from the Bible and see how you can apply those commandments to your current lifestyle. Some of the commandments, like choosing not to lie or bringing honor to your parents, are simple. One that people often overlook, however, is the commandment not to covet. To covet means to wish for things that other people have that you do not have. Read More